SMS WEB Applications (FREE)

We have simple and user friendly web applications for sending SMS that are available 24 hrs a day and everyday. All features, including upload contacts from csv, text or excel file to send as a batch and personalizing your messages are provided.  You are also able to use our flash SMS and schedule your SMS blasts. If you are new to our web applications, sign up for a free more


Send SMS using your sender name dynamically for corporate / product branding. You can use mobile number as sender as well. This service is free only for networks such as M1 and SingTel .  Alphanumeric sender name or virtual number is subject to availability in some networks/countries and could be chargeable. Contact us for more details.

Singapore Unsubscribe Facilities (FREE* T&C)

Please request for free unsubscribe facilities if you are planning to send mass marketing sms to 8,000 or more contacts at one go. All advertisement messages are required to add <ADV> in the begining of the message content and must have a mobile number for recipient to unsubscribe. The unsubcribe mobile number can be sender (we allow sender as your mobile number if you registered it with us) or inside the message body. Refer to Direct Marketing Association of Singapore compliance check list.

If you are planning to send SMS campaign from an excel file, and you have past campaigns; we have very easy steps to clean up your based list  within seconds. We help to ease your mind and save your business cost.

Contact us for details.

HLR Look up Service

This HLR Lookup allows you to check the validity of a mobile number and provides extended details, including operator identification and roaming information. more


Delivery reports in simple and readable format is free and available to our customers in our SMS websites. Our web portal comes with Analytics with graphical charts to view your delivery report summary at a glance.


We provide 2 way messaging service as an option to our customers. For example, we can host your SIM number at our server farm. When your customer sends an SMS message to that SIM, it arrives in our system. We can PUSH to you or you can PULL the messages from our system using API. You can also access all your inbox messages from our web portal which supports concurrent user(s) login. All incoming message is free and unlimited. This is a MUST to have for any company that needs customers' replies for their appointments' confirmation messages to provide better customer service.

Key Features

  • Fully Web-based; Cloud application service.
  • Auto unsubscribe features (Optional & free of charge)
  • Multiple & concurrent users access. Up to 50 named users Free.
  • Detailed statistics and messaging reporting
  • Missed calls information (*Available for Singapore, depending on your SIM card providers)
  • API supported, all & full incoming messages routing to your website/URL
  • Secured & dedicated SMS inbox. Free unlimited incoming messages
  • No yearly fees. Affortable one time setup fee and monthly fee

Virtual sim hosting option is available as well. Contact us for details. 

DNC (Screening & Washing prior sending mass SMS)

Email us your mobile numbers listing in csv or excel for us to screen them with Price is based on starting 1.4 cents per mobile phone number to as low as 1.2 cents per mobile phone number. Results and washed listing will be given to back to you within 24 hours.

Contact us for details.


Using SMS is the simplest and most efficient way of targeting audience. Create awareness to the public or customers to drive sales. There are about 5 billions of mobile users worldwide and 95% read their SMS within 15 minutes.  Look at this as an extremely fantastic marketing tool!

Key benefits:

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