HLR (Home Location Register) Lookup for Business Use

With the rise in popularity of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) - allowing mobile subscribers to change network whilst keeping their original number - and a similar rise in customers choosing to change networks, it is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee optimised delivery of calls and text messages.

Our HLR Lookup allows you to check the validity of a mobile number and provides extended details, including operator identification and roaming information. HLR Lookup cleans up your mobile database to ensure more saving while send your SMS marketing campaign. It ensure that all SMS that you sent are to valid numbers.

Price is only SGD $0.005 per mobile number. Minimum HLR purchase is 10,000 mobile contacts which is SGD $50.00. HLR Lookup is a MUST to do if your contacts are already more than 2 years old.

The above HLR offer price is applicable to ALL Countries!

HLR Lookup Functionalities

These are the key functionalities:

  • Detailed information on subscriber number:
    MNC - Mobile Network Code, MCC - Mobile Country Code and IMSI - International Mobile Subscriber Identity provided
  • Identification of roaming and ported numbers
  • Real time routing optimisation for SMS and other telecoms network services
  • Effective database cleansing and verification



Using SMS is the simplest and most efficient way of targeting audience. Create awareness to the public or customers to drive sales. There are about 5 billions of mobile users worldwide and 95% read their SMS within 15 minutes.  Look at this as an extremely fantastic marketing tool! Key benefits:

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