Getting Started

If you have a pool of customers and you want to make an important announcement to them. This is the right choice. If you already have a landing page in your website, you can include your URL in the text message when sending the SMS to them. They can view your beautiful web pages on the web for recipients with smart phone. 

Step 1: Sign up for a Free Account

Please enter your details information and send in for review. Once approved, we will email you the login information and web URL(s).

Step 2: Using our Send SMS (Simple SMS) system with the URL (

Step 3: Once you are login, you will see our interface as shown below.

Step 4: Enter the Sender Name or select numeric (Your number needs to be registered which you can registered yourself using our system at a charge of 1 SMS unit)

Step 5: Enter the recipient number with country code following by the mobile number. You can also blast SMS from your excel file using Blast SMS page.

Step 6: Enter the message and take note the length and number of messages. Try to reduce the message length if the message is display more than value of 1.

Step 7: Ready? You can now click Send button.

Step 8: Click OK button to Send Now AND the Message is Sent!

View Delivery Reports

Step 1: Click on the GO TO REPORT Or Reports Icon

Step 2: Click on Download CSV report or Download Excel report to export the report into excel file.

This is just the begining and a little preview of our simple send SMS web application. We have lots more exciting and advanced features in our customer web portal.... sign up for a free registration now!


Using SMS is the simplest and most efficient way of targeting audience. Create awareness to the public or customers to drive sales. There are about 5 billions of mobile users worldwide and 95% read their SMS within 15 minutes.  Look at this as an extremely fantastic marketing tool!

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