Frequently Asked Questions



1)      How long can messages be?

You can send up to 160 characters in a single short message of 1 sms unit.

For long message (> 160 message length), it is 153 characters per sms unit. eg. For 2 sms units,  your message length is up to (153 + 153) = 306.

Message can be as long as more than 10 units but to be sure please do your own testing first before sending out the bulk sms.


2)      Is unicode supported?

Yes. When you are unicode mode, the message length of 1 SMS is up to 70.


3)      How long does it take to deliver a text message?

Text messages are usually delivered near to instantly or in seconds depending on your number of recipients. During peak hours, there could be a short delay. Please note that additional delays may occur if the recipient's phone is switched off or out of the coverage area.  When this happens, a carrier will attempt to deliver your message for up to the validity period with a default duration of 48 hours. Based on our experience for SMS to Singapore, we have an average delivery speed of 15-20 messages per second.


4)      How protected and secured is this service?

As this is a Cloud service, your message and mobile phone database is kept in the main datacentre in Germany which is ISO certified. GMT can endorse a non-disclosure agreement with you if there is a need to comply with your company's policy.


5)      Does GMT provide mobile database?

The answer is no. We do not provide mobile database to anyone for spamming as mentioned in point 4 that we will protect our clients’ confidential data.  Not only we protect clients' data, GMT does not encourage spamming and we strongly against unsolicited SMSes.


6)      Is there any expiry date for the SMS credits purchased?

The answer is no. Our business is long term.


7)      What is the uploading file format that we support?

The upload file has to contain sender or recipient details or message text sorted in columns (at least one column must contain data). For example, when sending the same message with the same sender ID to multiple recipients, all you need to do is upload a file containing destination numbers sorted in a column. When sending different messages with different sender IDs to multiple recipients, you have to define these details by sorting them in columns. Each column represents a data group and each line represents a single piece of data and must contain appropriate details (e.g. the destination column must contain destination mobile numbers). Data must be delimited using one of the following: tab, comma, semicolon or hash. Supported formats: .txt, .csv, .xls.


8)      Does your web application support sending of bulk personalized SMS message?

Yes, our web application has the abilities to upload your data and pick up the values from various columns in your the spreadsheet. You do not need to do any customization just to send bulk messages to your customers, for example, to address to by their name or display the SMS with their outstanding bills,  credits balance, etc.


9)       Will my recipients be charge on roaming SMS service?

No, they won't be charge for roaming SMS service.


10)   What are the payment modes?

 Click here to see our payment modes.


11)   What is the maximium sender name and number ?

You can have up to 11 characters for your dynamic alphanumeric sender  name and up to 14 characters for a sender as numeric string.


12)   What are the thing I need to take note of for Singapore SMS Marketing?

All SMS advertisement messages are required to add <ADV> in the begining of the message content and must have a mobile number for recipient to unsubscribe. The unsubcribe mobile number can be sender (we allow sender as your mobile number if you registered it with us) or inside the message body. You need to read this Direct Marketing Association of Singapore compliance check list. Or copy to your browser address bar if you have problem opening here.

Singapore DNC registry checking is required prior sending sms to your clients effectively from 2nd of January 2014. Details of the DNC Registry business rules and relevant fees can be found here. Visit to check your mobile list and please refer to to know more about Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).

If your target phone numbers have registered with PDPC not to receive SMS, please DO NOT SEND sms to your clients, unless you have an unambiguous consent with your clients to receive sms/text messages from your company.

Kindly note that GMT SMS DOES NOT auto filter or cleanse the DNC registered mobile phones numbers prior forwarding the messages to your recipients when you send smses from our platform. You are responsible to check your mobile listing with DNC registry ( and cleanse them prior sending out the sms to the recipients.



13)   How to prevent recipients from receiving SMS in the midnight if I blast large volume of SMS during the day?

In order to prevent your target recipients from receiving SMS in the midnight, kindly use the validity period (in hrs) feature. The default validity period is 48 hours. Example, if you plan to send your bulk SMS at 3pm and prevent your clients/recipients from receiving SMS after 11pm, then you should set the validity period to 8 hours. After the validity period is over, your delivery logs will show "not delivery (expired)" on messages that was not delivered and had expired.


Last updated on 22 May 2014


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